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How Do I Resize My Epson Projector At Home

A good projector should be simple to use and control the image alignment should as well be the same. Resizing your Epson home projector is one of the easiest you could do on any projector. You can resize your projector manually within a very few steps by pressing on the adjustment button on the projector.

There is also the automatic adjustment that allows instant adjustment without the need to control anything. There are a lot of ways to resize and position your image.

1. Lens shift

The lens shift is able to allow the lens to move horizontally or vertically to offer the best image focus with perfect straight edge image. This is especially good when you are doing the installation making t much better and easier to do. The lens shift does not affect the resolution of the projector at all and mainly used for other placement options. It corrects the images that have been distorted to a perfect image and does not lose its quality.

2. Horizontal and Vertical Keystone Correction

When your content is not well centered on your screen, this is the right feature t use and brings back your images and contents to fit well on your screen and the right size. The horizontal and vertical keystone correction is able to correct the image size to be in a perfect rectangular shape. This setting can also be done automatically or manually. If you are using automatic keystone correction, the projector will automatically look correct an image that is distorted.

3. Screen fit

This is a great auto-sensing feature that is a quick set up function that sets up the right screen size for you. It can easily set up the correct focus of your image and fit the screen well with just a press on your button. It usually uses a sensor on the projector’s front that makes it possible to correct the mage automatically

4. Zoom

The zoom features usually for the lens that allows you to increase the optimality of the image and does not affect the image quality at all either does it distorts it. This feature mainly allows you to enlarge and minimize the size of the content on the screen.

With all the different features that come with projectors to help in resizing and setting the image size and quality, you are able to use the projector well. You can now enjoy the mages that are good with a great position.

Sometimes you find that the images are shapeless and trapezoid, making it impossible to have a great viewing point. But with the right sizing and correction feature, you are able to enjoy your viewing.

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