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How Far Away Does A Projector Need To Be For A 100-Inch Screen?

When you are going for a projector to have at home, there are always several things have to be placed into consideration including the measure of the length and the width of the room you are going to place the projector.

The measure you have to consider is the distance between the screen and the projector. That is the most important measurement for you to have the best image display on your screen and as well as the size of the image on the screen. To place your projector in a room, you have to consider the furniture placement in your room and hoe it will appear and measure from where the projector is likely to be placed.

This is because the key to any home theatre and entertainment set up in a home is the seating position and the distance between the devices. When you have known on how to calculate your distances on your home, you are able to enjoy the best quality videos and movies.

Since many of the people try and give the best room for home theatre set up, you find that they might mess the calculating the correct distance making many have problems with viewing. So, if you are doing your calculations for the placement of your projector in the room, make sure to do the right calculations and get the right image size on your screen. When you get a too big screen size, the content may as well be blurred or not of good quality.

Calculating the Distance

In order for you to find the right position and distance for your projector, you will have to measure the diagonal size of your screen by .84 and get the right distance. When using this calculation, you will realize that 100-inch screen size will require optimal viewing distance of 119 or in other words, a distance of 3 m.

If you use this formula well, you will only take a few minutes to do so and not much time will be spent to it. If you are using the projector in your bedroom, you will note that the distance from one wall to the other is exactly 100 inch from the wall to wall.

So, with a distance of 3 m away from the wall and to your screen, you are able to enjoy exceptionally well images and content on your screen with larger image capability.

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